Monday, December 11, 2006

The Agnostic Insomniac has signed in!

I am pleased to join TBC in what will be a blog dedicated to scathing critiques of humanity. My interests include music, fitness, tech, and politics. I grew up going to church, however, experiences with family, friends, and society, led me astray. Over time I found the message of the church to be shallow and unfullfilling. It is difficult, because being a black atheist goes contrary to the stereotypical view of the jesus loving church going black folk. Of course, those black folk who dare cast aspersions on the atheists who need 'jebus' should ponder why they worship a slavery imposed white jesus.

In terms of politics, I was a loyal and unquestioning democrat. However, my naivete and partisan blinders began to break down after the 2000 pres. election. Lack of democratic backbone in the face of the republican warmongers made me lose hope in party leaders. And winning the 2006 elections by default does not impress me. The majority of the establishment, including several CBC members, are bought political hacks willing to sell their constituent's interests down the toilet for a quick campaign contribution and electoral power. The two major parties wallow like pigs eating from the same trough. I remain liberal in my viewpoints however I now cringe at the thought of calling myself a democrat. For now, I consider myself politically unaffiliated.

Expect greatness to follow in coming days ..........

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