Saturday, January 5, 2008

Why Most People Should Go Fuck Themselves.

To be honest there are only a few things in my life that I can truly say I care about right at this moment. I really don't worry all that much about trends, girlfriends, MTV and the ten thousand other minute details that clutter the lives of most human beings. I have friends who jizz themselves when things like the I-Phone come out, I have others who sweat what other people think about them, worst of all I know more than enough people who think they know "what its all about." I have no idea "what its all about" means nor do I give a damn, and goes for the rest of the stuff that rolls in front of me like a tumbleweed made out of shit.

That alone is not enough to get me to tell someone to fist themselves with a bunch of H.I.V infected needles. Its when people decide to start contrasting my life with theirs and pretend to know my life as if they walked in my shoes. In fact the minute I hear someone start telling me about how to live my life or what I should be doing, its almost like a hideous animated version of that person, complete in all their flaws with the needed exaggerations to accent how much I hate them at that very moment.

For example I have one friend who despite relying on his parents and being a seven year freshman in college tries to play philosopher and shrink with me when he starts drinking. He tells me to sit back and smell the roses, which must smell fucking awesome since he has never bothered to come out of the rose bushes and get on the road of life. Topping it off in the past were his speeches about how good relationships are right before I stopped hanging out with him because his girlfriend doesn't like him having fun by himself. No this horrible hawk nosed bitch hovers over everything he does, seeing her die by a pack rabid badgers would be letting this creepy bitch off the hook easy.

I have others I could march out like Jerry Lewis does with the kids in his telethons but picking apart these crippled human beings is like kicking a paraplegic person down the street till both my wonderful working feet got tired. More importantly I realized for myself just what it was all these poor suckers have in common.

Like most people they have bought into their own hype way to much, their continued creep towards hypocrisies and blissful acceptance of mediocrity chip away at the value of their humanity and friendship like the barbarians chipped away at the power of the Roman Empire. I'm not saying I am perfect, but I know who and what I am. I stopped taking myself seriously a long time ago and when I do see myself taking a turn I don't like I do try to change. I just don't give up on steering myself where I want to go by putting my life on cruise control. I think that really is the worst when someone just flicks the switch off in their head and dives head first into the life of vanity and ignorance that accommodates the surrender of any shred of personal responsibility or desire to at least shot for being a decent human being.

This just doesn't apply to young people, but goes all the way up the age scale from toddler to codger. I have watched retail managers except beat up stolen goods to exchange for new goods in better condition. I have watched older men and women who look like they should understand what it means to be genteel since they dress that way, talk that way and try to get people believe they act that way; turn around and treat someone as if they just got off a slave ship because they were a name badge at a department store. I even had a professor tell me that at an international U.N. simulation to keep my mouth shut because my female partner who new dick about what we were doing other than it was a free trip outside the USA take lead because of her social ability to make most guys think the had a shot of getting a blow job from her. That one took the cake, my tuition paid that fuck's salary and I had to put up with bullshit from working into a department store to pay part of my way through college to have him turn around and not even have the tact to phrase it another way. It treated a lot of his students like shit that year because his wife was crushing him in a divorce and since he couldn't fight back at her he would take it out on his students. I carry myself with pride because I have never quit on anything I honestly set out to do and I have never let anyone try and tell me how far I could go. By the end of that conference I had managed to represent my client nation's interest better than she did with her client nation. On top of that I had actually made better friends with the committee people than she did and through a series of quick deals and subtle manipulations had gotten her to turn into a super bitch and had her removed from the proceedings. When my professor pulled me aside and demanded an answer for my actions I simply repeated what he said to me when he told me to take a back seat to idiot. "Grey Fox I want you to let her take lead. She is better than you, she can socially go places you cannot and you are to assist her nothing more." I then just looked at him. I walked away with a C- in the class but I'd rather have that then an A I earned by rolling over and taking up the ass because some told me to.

When it all comes down to it, I find that most people are an obstacle because they choose to be this way. I am not looking to rule the world, I just want my little slice of it for the time I have on this earth. When some denies me that, thats when they need to go fuck themselves.

-Grey Fox