Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How To Approach Women.

This goes out to all you Don Juanabees out there, the guys who want to pick women up but have a better chance of picking up their shattered egos after getting shot down, and for the guys who don't want to feel like they have to fake their way into bed. I have met many guys out there who claim to be players, many who claim that they can seduce any women they want, and even some who say they have a ready "stable" of women ready to fuck them. A couple have been true, some of them have either exgerated their skills, or are living in their own little world. The rest are liars who either don't date or don't know what they are doing. This is doubly true for most dating Gurus out there, they are frauds. Because they all have promise some you they have the magic bullet of dating, and that there way is the only way or the best way, and my personal favorite, the fool proof way. Actually there is no trick to it at all, its all about process. Just as telemarketers and stockbrokers have scripts they run off of when the approach new clients these commercial Casanova's use a their own script for picking up women. They are pretty much guaranteed to land something. Why you ask? Because of two reasons, first volume, by the massive number of attempts they go through they are mathematically promised to get sex out of a woman whether the success ratio is 10 to 1 or 100 to 1. Finally they only refine their script and process they do not do different things each time. By not changing their approach the set themselves up to target a select audience or to target a larger audience through broad appeal. Along with their massive pick up attempts does this ensure that mathematical probability of success. If you change the process your results with vary and so will that success ratio.
Sadly a lot of guys don't have the stomach, time or money to afford the books these guys hawk, read them, practice them, and let alone spend the money required to date the numbers needed to hit the ratio required for success. On top of that their are no fundamentals established so these guys know what to do.

Instead of preaching some system or giving you a laundry list of things to do. I'll just tell you what I do personally and my personal beliefs on dating. First off I know what I am looking for and that's important to me. Also for a lot of people that know me think I am a misogynist, that I hate women. But it goes a lot deeper than that, first I know what "kinds" of women I don't like, also I don't believe that women should be put up on a pedestal so I treat them equally as with everyone else which means they are not above me and can be subject to being questioned. Also the only difference between me and some guys who like to playful tease women as part of their game is the fact that the tone of my delivery makes me sound like I am verbally stabbing a woman with insults. Also what shocks the hell out of everyone is my lack of desire to date, be in relationships, marry or even have kids. But this is the apperance I put forth, if the right woman came along sure I would have no problem having a relationship, marrying and having a litter of kids. But its a hell of a thing to find that right woman. I don't focus on picking up a woman like it is something I have to do. Worrying about scoring only makes you desperate, and desperation is a stench any one can smell. Instead I just focus on being happy, building my career and making the most of life. As such women notice this, and the new relations I have begun to build with the new women I meet are better than the ones who know me from back in the day. Because back in the day I wasn't doing what I do now. The only real difference between me and any friend of mine is the fact that I like making obscure references with my humor and I just haven't found someone I like. Sure I can go out on dates and occasionally do for the hell of it but I just honestly have yet to be truelly inspired. It just comes if I let it, I don't care if it floods through the door or comes in once in a blue moon. I ask for phone numbers when I want, and call when I want. If its a good number fine and dandy, if its a dud well I know I'm not the first or the last. I gave up on fear and I just simply rejoice and more importantly laugh, I've made some good stories and I also laugh at some of the self important women I run into, I laugh at the bad calls I had made but was seemingly saved by being shot down though it didn't seem that way at the time, and I laugh when one of my friends decides to occasionally try and decypher me and women. I only chase when its worth it, and only then for so long. The rest of the time I'd rather the woman come to me because I can be lazy like that and if she was something special to begin with I'd have already done something. Plus I have the gift of knowledge, I know that even as I grow older I will become more attractive for other reasons like stability, networth, power and my desire to live like I'm young. This will let me pick and choose as long as I like. With women they are not so lucky, they get old and that means their beauty fades. On top of that there is always someone more beautiful to replace them, thats how this world keeps running, men get reminded of why its so much fun to populate the world. So I again laugh when I meet a stuck up woman, because how stuck up can she be when she is single, 50 and living with 3 cats. Simply be, be happy, be easy with it, and be constant in what you believe. Thats me when it comes to picking up women, win some lose never. I always win because at the end of the day I'm still happy whether I have a number, date, or fuck buddy or if I just have a bed to myself, no new number on my phone and a date that never happened, I'm still happy.

-Grey Fox

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