Friday, January 11, 2008

If You Were Dictator.....

CNN recently asked the question of its reader's that if they were elected President of the United States what would they do? Given the chance the people had some interesting yet unrealistic things to say. The major problem with being President of the U.S.A is that in order to get their you have to do a lot of selling out and just about any schmuck can do it.....
Case In Point.

Also most people forget the fact that the President has to go through congress and the senate to get a lot done. So then you have to kiss ass, play ball, lie, threaten, and probably blackmail the hell out of those assholes to get a bill through that by the end of day has so many riders and changes added to it you'll be lucky if they even keep an original word from draft you submitted.
See being President only works when you have a bunch of like minded individuals behind you problem is they have their own agendas too, and if they are in the congress and senate there is a chance they could get voted out. Really being President sucks if you are the kind of goal oriented person that proves why the Private Sector will always have better employees than the Government.

No to get things done you would have to be a dictator or an emperor who had an iron grasp on the government he or she ran in order to get they wanted done as they specified it to be. But oh the dangers of being in such a position. First off every dictator and emperor is going to run into problems dealing with people outside his country, namely other countries that get freaked out someone who has the balls to hold an entire country under his will. That means you are probably willing to fuck with their country to make your will law when it comes to international issues, and at some point you will want to expand your empire. This means you will probably be at war. Second emperor's and dictators have the habit of being deposed by people close to them often children or a trusted lieutenant with to much power will strike you down so he or she can become the new ruler. So when hugging your kids at night remember one of them may one day look to oppose you......"So you intend to oppose me my son. Guards! Throw him to the seals!"
Quote From The Last Emperor, Penguin.

So the do the risks out weigh the possible rewards of having your will made manifest over the desires of others so you could craft what you saw as an ideal society? Fuck Yes You Pussy! So I pose the question to you, what would you do as an emperor or dictator? What would your title be exactly, how would you rule, how would you come to power, what laws would you make, what would your legacy be? Post it up here and let us know.

-Grey Fox

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