Sunday, July 1, 2007

An Open Letter To Ann Coulter.

Dear Ann,

I was wondering if you were always such an egotistical bitch, or if that came after having that pair of baboon testicles implanted into your body. Know I must confess have never read any of your "work," or bothered to listen to your "lectures." I never really saw a point in attending the little Nazi rallies you put on, what gets me is how you carry on like anyone gives a damn. See Ann if we really wanted to know what you were thinking we'd ask. Now knowing that your past level of what qualifies for intellectual discourse runs between wishing political opponents dead to bullying 9/11 widows, on behalf of American I say this:


Seriously bitch can it. You do a disservice to political pundits and commentators everywhere, I know hate speech is protected and all but damn all you do is say the most outlandish shit and pray someone wants to pick a fight over it or it gets news coverage. It wouldn't be so bad if you were just screaming like a whore who just got paid in monopoly money, but the fact you get media attention really fucks things up for the rest of us and hurts the nation. You take attention away from important issues, you stir up the crazy assholes in this country that think chucking bombs are the answer, you dumb down any political conversation, and you reflect poorly on women who are trying to make a difference in the wonderful world of politics. You are in fact your genders worst enemy when they try to get themselves taken seriously.

Thats pretty much it, so in closing shut the fuck up and stop wishing you were a man.

Grey Fox

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