Thursday, April 26, 2007

You Can Leave The Halo Behind, There Are No Angels Here, This Is Earth Bitch.

Unless you have been living in a cave the big scare topic in the news is violence and the youth of America. Highlighted by the intrusive world wide coverage thrust into the grieving faces of those at Virginia Tech. There is an old saying the news business, "If it bleeds it leads." Of course instead of highlighting the tradgey for what it really is, politicians, journalists, bloggers and the PTA have all been playing the blame game. For those outside the circle all this means is pointing the finger at someone or something followed by a little to no action. Of course any action taken by these crusaders of "all things good, right and American" have absolutely no meaning and never focus on the heart of the issue.

Example, the battle cry of "violent video games" has already been marched out. The assumption is children can't tell the difference between pulling the trigger in a game and then doing it in real life. Please, if that was true then we'd all be taking assualt rifles gunning each other down all while trying to capture a stupid flag thanks to Halo. Then there is the "violent music," which usually revolves around how isolated and the real needs ignored of today's youth are, while their parents suck down another fucking martini. I look at todays music, I don't see a call to mass murder, I see a generation crying out for substance while being dopped up on Ritalin so they'll pipe the fuck down. Then of course comes the battle over gun control which is when we reach the absolute point of futility of trying to get anything done. Meanwhile the media circus winds down and hunts for the next blood trail. Next time you see a tragic event watch for the stages the media coverage goes through. First the attention grabbing "Breaking News" report, then the filler crap as they actually wait to find out what really happened, the speculation and morality expert debates. Then the full coverage kicks in once they know just enough to be dangerous with programing specials. Once it comes to an end hear comes the final act of masterbation for the media, they ask what can they do to not promote such violence and they question wheither or not it is right to cover such things so intrusively....

So why do we point fingers at the obivious bullshit scapegoats. One they are tangible, two they are fairly defenseless, three morality groups love the chance to push their agendas on everyone. Finally getting to the heart of the problem requires the kind of collective soul searching our society is not mature enough to do. Like Doctor Frankenstien we create our own worst monsters. When we talk about the American dream and the good life we never mention that not everyone will wind up living it. We think life should be easy when in reality it is hard. We think that there are rules that are unbreakable or at least seemingly that way. Also we are angry, angry at the fact that we are not the star, we are not the golden child, we are angry at life, we are angry at why life can be shitty and hard. Mostly we are angry out ourselves for not being perfect or living on that greener side of life. Listen to what the shooter at VA talked about why he did it, about the nice stuff all those "rich kids" had. Fuck, he wanted that stuff, and when he found out that some people just end up being the have nots for no other reason than tough luck that was reason enough for him to turn to violence. Now the fucker was crazy than Margot Kidder on qualudes to begin with, and he probably have done something violent anyways even if he had all that shiny shit. Why? Because the catch 22 is that when you have all that nice junk it still doesn't fulfill.

Look you have to realize that not all people can cope with what life is. You also have to realize that some people are just going be evil, crazy or just crazy evil. You can't always look to your leaders to solve the problem for you. Gun control doesn't answer it, take the guns away and he'd still kill, less people sure, but he still going to end someones life. Concealed carry permits for all doesn't do it, because people will still die, and your hoping that more often than not its the bad guy doing the dying. Its not music, TV, movies, games or things we know to be fantasy, scapegoats are just there to shirk the responsibilty to get heart of the matter. In the end the human race is both touched by what we define as good and evil, we are predatory creatures, you don't get to the top of the food chain any other way. We are becoming increasingly dissconnected from each other emotionally as we get packed closer and closer together population density wise. A lot of folks out there probably feel like they are trapped in tiny room where they can see outside but never really interact with the outside world. As long as you have that, you will have violence. In fact no matter what you do people are still going to do insane shit like this, all we can do is work to limit the need for these outbursts of violence, to remain aware that life is both fun and danger, and to choose not to be victims of fear or FOX news.

-Grey Fox

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