Tuesday, February 13, 2007

V-Day! A Poem By Grey Fox

Hooray if you got a date and hooray if you don't;
If you have date you have to dress up nice,
Even if she's just wearing those ratty jeans
Still refusing to clean her pubic lice,
I sure hope you booked a nice place
Or a look of disgust will sit on her face,
It should be you disgusted;
Her wearing granny panties instead of sexy lace
Will make your boner dissapear without a trace,
Be sure to rush to the florist for the flowers
Be sure to buy the nicest floral arrangement in stock,
Or she probably won't suck your cock
Forcing you to mastribate into that grungy old sock

Now comes the dinner time
With awkward pauses and mundane talk
No hint of sex, Her Vag must be as dry as plain white chalk
Now comes the dancing, and the back straining dip
She's gotten a bit bigger now suffering hippo hip
Better smile and take it
Or you'll never make it
Her place now, this day is almost done
Now her comes your fun...

Here comes a headache no aspirin will cure
She starts getting bitchy when she should be demure
Rush about rush about your thoughts as they might
But no words will soothe this raging bovine sight
Your kicked back into the cold, cold night...
And she said you were the one raised in a barn
So travel on home to numb your arm
Giving yourself the love, with what they call the stranger
Because you are stirring no pangs for sex in her,
Happy V-Day dipshit!

-Grey Fox

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